Design & Manufacturing Excellence

Permastore is the technical market leader in the design, development, manufacture, and supply of premium modular bolted
Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions.

Design & Manufacturing Excellence

Permastore is a major manufacturer and the technical market leader in the industry. It is committed to designing and manufacturing its tanks and silos to the highest quality compliant to recognised international Standards.

Permastore is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality and environmental management systems certified Company.

Permastore engineered quality-controlled factory applied FUSION® family of coatings are regarded to be the best, most durable, and technically advanced coatings currently available in the industry.

Permastore coatings have been optimally designed for application specific performance in the harshest of environments. Based upon their performance over long periods of time they are considered second to none.

design manufacturing excellence

PERMASTORE® products are designed using the latest 3D modelling software and analytical structural design tools. Drawing on many years of test data that is constantly being complemented, refined, and incorporated into Permastore design models, optimal solutions are delivered based upon an extensive knowledge and understanding of the product.

Permastore invests continually in R&D developing processes which create advanced innovative product developments and throughout the Company’s history it has been credited with many innovative industry product “firsts”.

In addition to the introduction of Permastore’s high quality, performance engineered FUSION® family of coatings there is the straight vertical seam and sealed mitre bolt-through jointing system specifically designed for the storage of liquids that inherently seals leak paths. Credit is also given to the design established for more precisely tighter finished tanks and double-skin tank designs. These developments all led to being able to supply the world’s largest ever constructed modular bolted coated storage containment solution of its time.

design manufacturing long

Long Term Research & Development

Permastore continually maintains R&D activities supported through its connections with leading universities, engineering consultants and prominent individuals who operate within Permastore’s fields of interest.

Permastore’s design and manufacturing expertise comes from over 60 years of unbroken history and involvement in the supply of technically superior advanced engineered modular bolted coated containment storage solutions.

National and International Standards

Permastore participates and leads on many National and International Standards Body committees related to the design and coating performance of modular bolted coated containment storage solutions. Permastore has a presence on the UK, European, International and American standards committees in relation to glass and epoxy coatings and containment storage solution structural design.

These include National Committee STI/36 “Vitreous enamel coatings”, European Committee Working Group CEN/TC 250/SC 3/WG 16 and CEN/TC 262/WG 5. ISO/TC 107/WG 2. “Working group Evolution of EN 1993-4-2-Tanks”, AWWA Standards Committee 305, Steel and Composite Water Storage Tanks, and AWWA D103, Factory Coated Bolted Carbon Steel Tanks.

This involvement and leadership ensure that product and testing standards for the containment storage industry are developed and maintained in accordance with marketplace needs and evolving performance requirements for different applications. National, European, and International standards committees add value to all aspects of product design, performance quality and the design life of products that are manufactured.

Permastore’s involvement on the AWWA, ISO, and Eurocode technical committees ensures that codes and standards for the industry continue to provide a sound basis for tank design and manufacture. This in turn provides reassurance that structures and coatings are produced from a scientifically derived technical solution, in the most environmental way, with quality and safety being paramount.

Standards neutralise manufacturer bias, bring technical rigour for product design, development, manufacture, and safety within the industry. Permastore’s compliance to these standards makes sure that the products offered are the most technically advanced product available for solving containment storage application requirements throughout the world.

Permastore products adhere and are certified to a number of national and international product quality, performance and product design standards including ISO 28765:2022, AWWA D103-09, Eurocodes EN 1991, 1993 & 1998, EEA 7.20, EEA 7.24, EEA 7.25, AAMA 2604, CE marking and REACH. Permastore’s ISOFUSION® and TRIFUSION® storage tanks are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified.

Permastore Design

To back up the knowledge base  that the company has built up over many decades of design and manufacture of its products the Permastore team comprises engineering, manufacturing management and a senior management team who have civil, structural, mechanical, material science and production process graduate and postgraduate qualifications all led by a number of professionally qualified Chartered Engineers.

There is currently over 500+ years of vitreous enamel and epoxy operational process and materials technology, engineering design, product development, in-house and automatic product configuration expertise within the Company for the design and manufacture of PERMASTORE® products.

The Company has an external academic, industrial and professional consultancy ecosystem of partners that has been created over many years to support Permastore’s research into materials, coatings, coating processing, sealants, and fastener development.

In complying with the requirements of design and product standards, using its industrial know-how that has been gained over many decades, Permastore applies a consistent design and manufacturing approach that reinforces confidence within its global network.

Structures provided by Permastore are diligently designed from customer requirements taking into account environmental conditions including, wind, snow and seismic loadings that may be subjected to the structure throughout its lifetime.

Permastore delivers to customers structurally sound and efficient tank designs with advanced performance engineered FUSION® coatings applied that provide structural longevity for the purpose that the containment storage solution is designed and built.

Compliance to product design and performance standards delivers uniformity and consistency of design, confident and predictable performance, and repeatability of design. The resulting containment storage solution being structurally sound, efficient in design, providing operational longevity whilst delivering optimum performance at the working interfaces.