Permastore Tanks & Silos

Permastore is the technical market leader in the design, development, manufacture, and supply of premium modular bolted
Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions.

History & Heritage

Permastore’s unbroken and unequalled heritage in the design, development, manufacture, and supply of premium modular bolted and coated containment solutions is traceable back to 1959.

In 2019 Permastore celebrated over 60 years of being the technical leader in the industry.

Throughout the Company’s history it has been credited with many innovative industry product “firsts”. In addition to the introduction of our high quality, performance engineered FUSION® family of coatings there is the straight vertical seam and sealed mitre bolt-through jointing system specifically designed for the storage of liquids that inherently seals leak paths.

Credit is also given to the design established for more precisely tighter finished tanks, double-skin tank designs and unique independently “externally audited” 100% defect free (also known as holiday free) coated tank panels. These developments all led to being able to supply the world’s largest ever constructed modular bolted coated storage containment solution of its time.

history heritage

Worthy of special note is the Company’s commitment to stand by the products it manufactures and supplies. Its Quality Standards are publicly available and Independently audited, and still, after more than 28 years since the introduction of these procedures, Permastore remains the only company in the modular tank sector to do so.

Design Life assessment is undertaken in accordance with (not “similar to”) ISO 15686 confirming PERMASTORE® products are engineered with a predicted minimum 30-year design life.