PERMASTORE® containment solution provides the ideal answer to closed containment farming and storage of fish


Due to the far reaching ecological threat and harm caused by open-net fish farming in the sea, work is being done to protect fish and the marine ecosystem from the impact of this.   This has led to closed containment systems being considered a more environmentally viable alternative as it reduces most of the negative impacts of open net fish farming in the sea.

Closed containment is a proven, viable technology and is currently being used in some countries around the world.  It has become widely regarded by scientists, conservationists, some farming companies and the public as a more responsible alternative to open net and cage fish farming in the sea.

Environmental and economic factors have created this opportunity for on-shore fish tanks and with the expertise that Permastore has gained through its long history and experience in this sector, the PERMASTORE® containment solution provides the ideal answer to closed containment farming and storage of fish for the following reasons:

  • The non-stick nature of the vitreous enamel surface allows easy and complete cleaning
  • Algae growth is minimised because of the inert, hard smooth surface of the structure
  • There are no internal protrusions likely to cause injury to the fish
  • The tanks are delivered in flat-pack form making them ideal for remote farm locations
  • A wide range of standard sizes are available as well as a variety of standard external colours

The following attributes also make the PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel product an excellent choice for fish tank containment solutions:

  • Glass-Fused-to-Steel provides long term corrosion resistance especially in saltwater applications
  • Modular nature allows rapid installation times
  • Factory applied coating – no onsite coating or re-coating
  • Pipes, weirs, ladders etc are easily fixed to the tank
  • Flexibility to re-model, extend, dismantle and re-site

Closed containment fish farming provides flexibility as it enables farms to be located in closer proximity to product consumption and gives the ability to control water temperature, rather than being limited to locations where water conditions and temperatures are suited to fish production.  This also cuts down on transport costs.

Closed containment provides a number of economic benefits and saves money for fish farmers:

  • It virtually eliminates parasite infestations – with no sea lice present, less chemical dosage is required improving fish quality and reducing costs
  • Feeding of the fish is more cost-effective
  • It prevents salmon, in particular, from escaping, breeding with and ruining the natural wild salmon stock
  • Fish slurry can easily be collected and processed, offering the option of renewable energy biogas production

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Fish Farming Tanks

Application: Aquaculture
Capacity: 8 x 600m3
Model: 2 x 4515
Location: Victoria, Australia