Permastore tanks market sectors

Permastore provide the industry benchmark for optimally engineered durable, resilient, and cost effective containment and storage solutions for applications across a multitude of market sectors and applications.

Market Sectors

PERMASTORE® Glass‑Fused‑to‑Steel structures have been utilised extensively for the containment, storage and treatment of drinking water, agricultural feed crops, animal waste, industrial effluents, and municipal sewage. Our structures have proven to be reliable and to provide cost effective containment solutions worldwide.

In 2000 the Company  undertook a detailed Design Life review of PERMASTORE® Glass‑Fused‑to‑Steel tanks and silos and determined that its products are designed for a minimum design life in excess of 30 years. The evaluation included the experience that has been accrued over a period extending over 40 years in association with the evolution of the design, third party assessment and an ongoing commitment to a programme of continuous product development and improved quality. The conclusion of this evaluation providing a sound basis for compliance with ISO 15686-1:2011, ISO 15686-2:2012 and ISO 15686-3:2002.

It is also important to differentiate between the terms ‘Design Life’ and ‘Service Life’:

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Permastore structures are designed to provide long lasting solutions for designers, engineers, and customers alike that value integrity, asset performance and ongoing commercial sustainability.

Permastore provides the industry benchmark for the most durable containment solutions that are proven to stand the test of time for a variety of market sectors:

  • Municipal:  In the municipal environment Permastore tanks are used for drinking water, sewage treatment, sludge storage, wastewater treatment and anaerobic digestion/biogas
  • Industrial:  Applications catered for include industrial effluent processing, storage and anaerobic digestion/biogas, process water storage and bulk solid storage
  • Agricultural:  For agriculture, Permastore GFtS tanks & silos are utilised for slurry storage, on and off farm biogas production, storage of livestock feed such as haylage, maize and high moisture grains, and bulk solid storage
  • MiningThe resilient chemical and abrasion resistance of Permastore’s FUSION® coatings are designed to perform within the harsh environments found in the mining industry where performance and durability are depended upon
  • BiofuelsAs well as biogas production applications, Permastore tanks are used within the biofuels market for the storage of vegetable oils and the production and storage of biodiesel, and bioethanol
  • Other Diversified Markets: Permastore supply containment, process and storage solutions that satisfy the needs of specific industry and project specific requirements to a wide range of other market sectors and applications including:
market sectors
  • Aquaculture
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Water attenuation
  • Storm Water Control
  • Hydraulic Fracking
  • Desalination
  • Firewater

Market Sector Experience

Permastore’s 60+ years of experience designing and supplying GFtS, Fusion Bonded Epoxy coating and Stainless-Steel storage and containment solutions provide an established provenance that its tanks and silos are proven to be secure, long life solutions that suite the market sector they are designed for.

Industry Benchmark

Permastore provide the industry benchmark for optimally engineered durable, resilient, and cost effective containment and storage solutions for applications across a multitude of market sectors and applications.

Tailored to Suit Specific Applications

A family of scientifically engineered FUSION® performance driven GFtS and Epoxy coatings, Stainless Steel and PERMADOME® Roof options specifically tailored to suit the requirements of a wide range of municipal, industrial, energy generation, agricultural and mining applications.

Global Touch

Permastore exports internationally and many thousands of its structures have been installed worldwide, each with the ability to withstand demanding applications and environmental extremes.


Years Minimum Design Life

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (also known as Glass-Lined-Steel) is a unique tank finish. Two materials are truly fused together to achieve the best properties of both the strength and flexibility of steel combined with the corrosion resistance of glass.  Applied to both interior and exterior surfaces, Glass-Fused-to-Steel provides many years of trouble-free service in the harshest of environments.

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