Permastore Distributors

Permastore’s geographical footprint extends worldwide. Its global brand is recognised to be the industry leader in respect to quality, product design and performance, and it is supported by a first class distribution network.

Global Presence

Permastore’s geographical footprint of modular bolted coated containment storage solutions is evident all over the globe.

Many thousands of Permastore structures have been successfully installed worldwide within over 110 countries.

The PERMASTORE® brand is identifiable from the industry leading quality of the products it supplies,  the high level of installation and support services provided by its extensive network of international distribution partners,  and the proven long service life of the containment solutions it has supplied over the past 60+ years.

Global Distribution Network

Permastore works with a comprehensive network of distribution partners who supply and professionally install, maintain and service a myriad of Permastore containment and storage solutions across the globe.

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This network is supported by Permastore Sales, Engineering, Projects, and Service staff who have accumulated many years of valuable experience with local industry and market knowledge.

In instances where a specific country is not covered by an established distributor, enquires are managed directly by a Permastore member of staff, who in the first instance will handle enquiries and then direct them to the most suitable distribution partners for the country in question.

Distribution Partners

A Local Touch

Customer service is supported by our international but ‘local’ distribution network that delivers high quality installations with ongoing maintenance and support services. Each distributor is chosen to replicate the Company’s brand values and combine them with their:

  • Local presence
  • Regional market knowledge and insight
  • Understanding of local laws, regulations, and product standards

The result is a team that manages efficient installations with a local distributor remaining afterwards to provide ongoing assistance including product service, maintenance, and advice.