Permastore distributors

From its early beginnings in the UK, Permastore's geographical footprint has expanded to all the continents. Now a global brand, Permastore is recognised as the leader in product quality and performance.

Global Distributor Support Network

Nothing quite beats a local service when it comes to speed and quality of delivery plus low installation costs. This is why Permastore has chosen a distributor supply and support model through which to grow its global business.

Permastore-trained and certified distributors deliver world class service using international standards of practice, combined with:

  • Local insight (logistics and laws)
  • Local know-how (best way to get things done quickly and without taking short-cuts)
  • Local labour and language (cutting through localised barriers)

The result is a low-risk, speedy install that saves the tank owner time and money.

And, of course, your local distributor remains on standby to provide ongoing assistance and advice, should it be needed...

permastore network

Finding the Best Local Support

Permastore has appointed and trained a network of skilled distributors who are licensed to install and maintain our tanks and ancillary equipment in many countries across the globe.

Our distributors are  further supported by Permastore Regional Managers who have accumulated years of valuable experience and local knowledge relating to market sectors and practices within their regions.

In instances where a country is not covered by a Licenced Permastore Distributor, you will be directed to the relevant Permastore Regional Manager who will identify the most eligible local installation / contractor for the country of choice.

This could be one of  our neighbouring, licensed distributors or a trusted and experienced independent installer who will act on Permastore’s behalf. In some instances, we may provide you with a choice of trusted partners who are equally eligible to fulfil your local installation requirements.

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