Permastore Distributor, Tank Storage Systems, based in the Republic of Ireland have supplied two 4,000m3 anaerobic digesters (AD) for a project in Limerick. The customer, Response Engineering, was initially considering a concrete tank and requested a quote for a gas membrane cover for a concrete tank. Tank Storage Systems took the opportunity to meet with Response to discuss their requirements and suggested that they could supply both the tanks and covers. Building the tanks at ground level with jacks, with the covers on, reduced build time and offered significant financial savings on installation costs. This also improved Health & Safety by reducing on-site operations of heavy equipment and eliminating working at height giving the build crew safety benefits. This is a key benefit of the PERMASTORE® modular bolted system and therefore important to keep in mind when considering the type of structure being chosen for any given project.

The tanks are 9.7m high by 23m diameter which means that concrete would have been an expensive option. The membrane cover supplied by Tank Storage Systems was very low profile at 3m in height over a 23m diameter. This was to stay within local planning requirements. Typically, a cover of this diameter would be 5m in height, again highlighting the flexibility of the PERMASTORE® modular tank system.

The other significant point about this project is that it is one of the first AD treatment systems overseen by Irish Water, the new national water authority set up to manage all Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP) under one umbrella, rather than each county managing their own WWTP via the local councils. This undoubtedly will lead to further AD projects throughout the Republic of Ireland.

So, the next time you are considering a concrete tank for your project, give some thought to the following;  PERMASTORE® structures not only offer the consistent quality of a factory applied coating but also offer significant structural benefits that enable customers to take advantage of our cost effectively engineered designs.  The Glass-Fused-to-Steel coating provides optimum corrosion resistance in many applications and is a lifetime coating, re-application is not required reducing operational costs and downtime.  This ensures end users are provided with a high performance structure with minimal maintenance costs.  Permastore has a global network of Distributors to provide customers with invaluable local support and expertise.

If you would like more information on the PERMASTORE® product, please contact or visit for more information on AD projects in your area.