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Houston Hydrotech Visit Permastore!

Permastore recently welcomed its Distributor from the Philippines, Houston Hydrotech, for a three week visit to its manufacturing facility and headquarters in the UK. Strategic discussions and site visits to a number of installations took place.  For part of the visit Houston Hydrotech were joined by a number of end customers, keen to see Permastore’s world class manufacturing facility first hand. The visit helped strengthen and expand both Houston Hydrotech’s and their end customers’ understanding and knowledge of the stringent processes that are followed to produce a market leading, high quality modular bolted tank and silo product. This knowledge will enable Houston Hydrotech to further build upon the good work they have already achieved developing the bolted tank market in the Philippines.

One of the main objectives of the recent trip was for Houston Hydrotech to expand their existing knowledge and expertise in the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) and Biogas sector to help them move into this growing market in the Philippines. Visits to local AD plants helped them gain first-hand experience of Biogas facilities and knowledge of AD processes. This additional know-how will go a long way to support them with their development of this key market sector.

During the visit, the Permastore team took the opportunity to introduce Permastore’s new high performance FUSION® V1100 epoxy product. A tour of the Manufacturing Facility took place which reinforced Permastore’s commitment to product quality and high voltage testing as well as highlighting Permastore’s Quality Control Procedures and 100% inspection regime. Houston Hydrotech undertook their own Quality Control Inspection which included inspection of a tank which has been installed and in operation for over 40 years and continues to operate successfully to this day.

This visit by Houston Hydrotech and their key customers proved to be a great success cementing an already strong relationship with this important Distributor and their key customers.

Permastore is committed to supporting its extensive Global Distributor Network as it is our belief that this provides all our Customers with a world-class modular product manufactured to the highest standards and the convenience of easily accessible local knowledge and expertise at their fingertips.

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