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Permastore is the industry technical leader in the design, development and manufacture of Modular Bolted
Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions.

Inauguration of Largest Bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel Tanks in the world

Permastore is very excited to announce that the inauguration of the world’s two largest bolted Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks is taking place on Monday 28 November in Santo Domingo.  The President of the Dominican Republic and the British Ambassador will be conducting this auspicious occasion.

This landmark project was supplied by long-term Permastore Distributor, Hidrotec, to the Water and Sewerage Corporation of Santo Domingo (CAASD).  The tanks each have a capacity of 28,500m3 and are 9 rings high plus a starter ring with each ring comprising 63 sheets.  The Glass-Fused-to-Steel materials used for the construction of these tanks meet the globally-recognised International Standard ISO 28765 which is the only International Standard to regulate the design, manufacture and construction of Glass-Fused-to-Steel bolted tanks.

Permastore continues to be the technical leader globally in the design of modular, bolted tanks and sets the benchmark for quality in the industry.

Look out for further news and photographs of this very proud day!

In the meantime, check out CAASD’s latest project pictures on Instagram by clicking here.