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Landmark Biogas Plant in Europe won by Permastore Distributor

Permastore is delighted to congratulate its longstanding Distributor, Farmatic, on the award of the contract for one of the largest biogas plants in Europe, Sønderjysk, an impressive new biogas site on the border of Germany and Denmark.

Farmatic’s unique technology which has been developed around PERMASTORE® modular Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks will produce an impressive biomethane output equivalent to an electricity output of 11MW at this latest biogas plant. The Sønderjysk plant will process animal manure and agricultural biodegradable waste as well as energy crops and industrial waste. It will produce 21 million cubic meters of pure biomethane every year which will be fed into the Danish natural gas grid. This amount of biomethane is sufficient to replace the annual energy demand of 15,000 households, 10,000 cars or 571 public buses with green renewable energy. The Danish government is providing financial support to the construction of large centralised biogas plants such as this.

The plant is co-owned by a consortium of local Danish Farmers and energy giant, E.ON. Given Farmatic’s extensive experience as a supplier of larger agricultural and industrial waste-to-energy plants all over Europe with 20 years’ experience, they were the unequivocal choice for this contract. Farmatic’s new Danish partners across the border will benefit from their extensive international experience in the biogas sector.

For more information see Farmatic’s latest press release here.

Farmatic is a world renowned AD technology provider, engineering and construction company with a wealth of experience of the long term financial benefits and the premium features of Glass-Fused-to-Steel over other storage solutions. Farmatic has supplied thousands of PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks as well as impressive turnkey anaerobic digestion and biogas storage solutions globally, utilising the modular design of PERMASTORE® tanks as part of the biogas plant allowing these facilities to be quickly built anywhere in the world. As demand and storage requirements increase, PERMASTORE® tanks offer the end customer total containment flexibility as they are fully extendable and easy to relocate.

Farmatic has been a valued key partner of Permastore for over 3 decades and has extensive experience in the supply and installation of PERMASTORE® tanks and silos. Permastore lead the market with innovative tank and silo design and materials technology both with their Glass-Fused-to-Steel and fusion bonded epoxy product offerings. When this is paired with Farmatic’s turnkey AD and biogas technology, a high-tech, world leading biogas plant is created.

If you have a requirement for a biogas plant or if you require information about biogas projects in your area, please contact Farmatic at or visit the Farmatic website  Alternatively contact the Permastore Sales Team for more information about the PERMASTORE® tank and silo product range at