Permastore Tanks & Silos

Permastore is the industry technical leader in the design, development and manufacture of Modular Bolted
Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions.

Leading Geodesic Dome Roof Design

Since its successful launch in October 2014, PERMADOME® has developed into a world leading roof and cover brand for the tank and silo industry, securing many high profile and large projects giving extensive references worldwide.  These are projects for a range of roofs and covers in many different locations globally.

The PERMADOME® Geodesic Dome Roof is an innovative market leading self-supporting structure which is ideal for use across a wide range of demanding applications including drinking water, wastewater, process water and many more.  The PERMADOME® double I-beam Geodesic Dome solution leads the way within the dome roof industry, offering the world’s first silicone free hub system which is 100% water tight therefore minimising the potential risk of leaks! Installation of the Geodesic Dome is also made both quicker and easier when compared to competitor’s dome roofs, by the use of pre-drilled parts and self-locking bolts.

The European based manufacture of the Geodesic Dome Roof also offers customers a decisive cost advantage compared to other leading Geodesic Dome Roofs with efficient logistics anywhere in the world.

PERMADOME® Roofs and Covers offer a full range of high quality and cost effective roofs and covers for tanks and silos and in addition to the PERMADOME® Geodesic Dome Roof provides, Tapered Beam Roofs, External Beam Roofs, Trough Deck Roofs, Single and Double Membrane Roofs and PVC covers to suit a wide variety of applications, customer budget demands and project requirements.

Permastore is the global market leader in the engineering, manufacture and supply of Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks and silos.  Permastore also supplies Fusion Bonded Epoxy tanks and silos and PERMADOME® is a key part of the PERMASTORE® product portfolio, offering innovative roof and cover solutions for PERMASTORE® tanks and silos as well as third party structures, subject to a full design review.

With the unmatched and unrivalled industry experience and engineering expertise of Permastore, PERMADOME® sets the benchmark of excellence in roof and cover solutions worldwide!  For more details of recent projects in your area or to learn more about the market leading PERMASTORE® product portfolio contact