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Biogas Project secured in difficult economic climate

Despite the economic challenges faced in Greece, Permastore Distributor, Farmatic, has secured its first Biogas Plant near the city of Thessaloniki in Greece.  Farmatic will be utilising local supplies and services in the construction of this important project.

This particular project is one of many designed by Farmatic which utilises PERMASTORE® tanks as part of their turnkey solution.  The Model 6265 PERMASTORE® tank with a capacity of 5030m3, will form a key part of this 1MW Biogas Plant on the site of a meat processing plant.  The PERMASTORE® Tank will process slaughterhouse waste materials and turn them into green renewable energy for the local population and businesses in the region of Macedonia.

This project uses the high quality industrial TRIFUSION® Glass Fused to Steel coating paired with the agricultural ECOFUSION® Glass-Fused-to-Steel coating to offer the end user a durable and cost effective solution to meet their project specific requirements.

Farmatic is a long standing key partner of Permastore, having worked closely with Permastore for over three decades.  As such Farmatic understand the Features & Benefits of the PERMASTORE® range of Containment Solutions, which includes globally renowned Glass-Fused-to-Steel and FUSION® V1100, a Fusion Bonded Epoxy product.  The PERMASTORE® product range allows Farmatic to select the best product based on suitability across a wide range of challenging and demanding applications including anaerobic digestion and biogas production.

Permastore has over 50 years proven experience in designing industry leading solutions for anaerobic digestion and biogas applications and have successfully completed  a great number of projects globally.

If you have a requirement for a biogas plant or if you require information about biogas projects in your area, please contact Farmatic at or visit  Alternatively contact the Permastore Sales Team for more information about the world-class PERMASTORE® tank and silo product range at