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PERMASTORE® Tanks used for Cerro Verde Expansion, opened by the President of Peru

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Once again the world-class PERMASTORE® product has been chosen for a key project in Peru. Permastore’s worldwide recognition in providing high quality, cost effective products was fundamental to MWH Global (acting as consultants to Fluor Canada who undertook this major EPCM project) considering PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel technology to be used as part of the “La Enlozada” wastewater treatment plant in the center of the Cerro Verde Expansion project in Peru. Supplied and installed through long-term distributor partner, PRO AMBIENT (, this project consisted of 5 PERMASTORE® tanks, 4 of which had a diameter of 42m, a height of 12.6m and a capacity of 18,000m3, located in Quebrada Enlozada (Enlozada Gorge), in the district of Uchumayo, Arequipa, the treatment plant will improve regional water quality for over 1 million people, reduce waterborne illnesses and enhance the value of local agricultural products.

The official opening of the wastewater treatment plant was conducted by the President of Peru, President Ollanta Humala, who said that the work in Arequipa will see the country become the first to have a comprehensive system of water treatment, which will benefit the general public and farmers of Peru. The wastewater treatment plant is expected to be maintained, managed and operated by the mining community for 29 years creating many job opportunities in the area.

Permastore is proud to be a part of such initiatives where infrastructure is improved, general living standards are raised and local communities benefit. This strategy is closely aligned with our values as a Company and one that we are highly committed to.

PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks were the ideal choice when it came to choosing a high quality product for a remote location like Arequipa. PERMASTORE® tanks can be built in less than a third of the time it takes to build a concrete or welded structure and only require minimal onsite machinery due to its modular design. The highly durable nature of the PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel coating, means it never needs recoating and requires minimal maintenance, resulting in reduced lifetime costs of maintaining the tank once in operation.

If you are designing a wastewater treatment plant, look no further than Permastore – contact us today to discuss how we can work together. For more details of recent projects in your area or to learn more about the market leading PERMASTORE® product portfolio contact or your local Permastore Distributor