“The PERMASTORE® system will now be my first choice in erecting any tanks in the future”.

PERMASTORE® Tanks are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. Permastore provides optimum Glass-Fused-to-Steel modular bolted tanks and silos suitable for water, waste water, industrial, anaerobic digestion biogas, agricultural, industrial, biofuel and mining applications among many others.  PERMASTORE® Tanks and Silos offer a wide range of benefits over other storage alternatives.

Permastore offers quality – We still remain the only tank and silo manufacturer to publish our independently audited quality standards on our website for anyone to read.

PERMASTORE® Tanks are right first time – The PERMASTORE® modular bolted construction tank kit design includes features to ensure that the build can take place in the optimum time and be “right first time”. A recent Permastore Customer on a large mining project being built in Burkina Faso Africa said I am extremely impressed with this system” The Customer installed four bolted modular PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel Mining Tanks and shared the following views: “I was personally skeptical about the integrity of such a structure as I had not experienced one being constructed, however my skepticism was soon proved to be unfounded”.

The PERMASTORE® Solution offers rapid construction – The PERMASTORE® modular tank system offers rapid construction when compared to equivalent concrete or welded tank constructions. Rapid erection times are typically less than 50% of comparable concrete or welded tanks. Recent Customer feedback stated “The PERMASTORE® Tanks were chosen mainly due to the speed of construction”. The four tanks were constructed in approximately four weeks working in extremely high temperatures and often a dusty, hostile atmosphere”.

At Permastore we are committed to excellent customer service and as shown, Customers of PERMASTORE® Containment solutions are always satisfied by the quality of the product and the ease of building PERMASTORE® Tank and Silos even in remote locations and challenging environmental conditions.

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