Permastore Tanks & Silos

Permastore is the industry technical leader in the design, development and manufacture of Modular Bolted
Glass-Fused-to-Steel, Fusion Bonded Epoxy Coated and Stainless Steel containment storage solutions.

Permastore’s proven product longevity

Permastore has been visiting sites around the UK to gather some invaluable information about the true longevity of the PERMASTORE® product.

Our Area Sales Manager, Bradley Maude recently visited John Woods and his partner at their farm in North Yorkshire where John was delighted to tell Bradley all about the benefits of having a PERMASTORE® Silo.

John’s Livestock Farm holds a Red Tractor assurance award where his old PERMASTORE® Cropstore is relied upon and valued to ensure the vermin free and safe storage of his grain which is so important in securing and maintaining his Red Tractor Assurance Standard.

The Red Tractor Assurance Standard is a UK Quality Assurance stamp awarded to UK Food labels to assure the buyer that the produce is of high quality and can be traced back to a British farm.  The Red Tractor Assurance Standard is the UK’s largest food assurance scheme.

The Cropstore has already seen over 40 years’ service without any problems and this is a perfect example which highlights the renowned quality and longevity of the PERMASTORE® containment solution.    With a service life of 50 years, John is sure that there is still a lot of life left in his Cropstore yet.

Contact the Permastore Sales Team or your local Permastore Distributor today to discuss the PERMASTORE® Product Features & Benefits and buy once, buy right with Permastore’s proven product durability.