PERMASTORE® Ancillary Products

The Company holds a comprehensive catalogue of PERMASTORE® ancillary products that are efficiently designed to produce operational longevity and optimum performance.

PERMASTORE® Ancillary Products

With over 60 years of unequalled and unbroken history being the technical leader in the design, development, and supply of superior products for the containment and storage industry Permastore holds a comprehensive catalogue of ancillary products.

Using its industrial know-how that has been gained over many decades, Permastore applies a consistent design and manufacturing approach to its product development.  Compliance to product design and performance standards allows Permastore to deliver uniformity and  consistency of design thus providing confident and predictable product performance.  The resulting range of PERMASTORE® ancillaries are efficient in design, they provide operational longevity whilst delivering optimum performance at the working interfaces.

The PERMASTORE® ancillary range currently includes, ladder and platforms, manways, tank mounted connectors, Glass-Fused-to-Steel floors, walkways, cones, level indicators, roof inspection and access hatches, and roof vents.


Ancillary Range