Permastore Tanks & Silos

PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFtS) products are synonymous with modular construction and they are recognised as the highest quality performance proven coatings that are available throughout the industry.

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFtS)

Glass-Fused-to-Steel (GFtS), also known as Glass-Lined-Steel (GLS), is the ultimate when it comes to tank and silo containment storage design. The fusing together of these two materials deliver the best characteristics of both materials. The strength and flexibility of the structure is provided from the steel while the structure’s surface is protected by the glass.

A modular bolted GFtS solution utilises a colour fast fused glass coating on both its interior and exterior surfaces. When the glass is fused to steel it results in a very strong durable and resilient product. The materials when combined result in a product that exhibits unparalleled physical property characteristics that provide excellent resistance to both corrosion and wear.

Glass fused to steel
Glass fused to steel

Benefits of using GFtS

A GFtS containment storage solution utilises a product that has been proven in many harsh applications and environments over a long operational lifetime, providing significant benefits to consulting engineers, contractors, and customers over other types of tank and silo construction methods. GFtS modular bolted construction allows rapid and cost effective site installation with reduced project timescales, costs, and minimises the requirement for onsite equipment. The structures have lower operating costs and require minimal maintenance while providing safe and secure storage for the applications they are designed.

Exceptional Lifetime Value

With a Design Life of 30 years and a proven service life for some applications being over 60 years PERMASTORE® GFtS products deliver a lifetime of quality that is backed up by experience.

Minimal Maintenance

GFtS solutions deliver lower operational costs and require minimal maintenance when
used as designed within the
applications they are intended.

Complete Range

A range of diameter and height options are available with storage capacity solutions exceeding
(13,200,000 US Gallons)

Tailored to Your Application

PERMASTORE® family of FUSION® performance glass coatings have been scientifically developed and verified that when appropriately selected for an application they meet or exceed expected performance.

Lifetime Coating

A factory applied high quality coating that does not require any reapplication over the life of the product. It provides reduced operational costs and downtimes for the purchaser and improves the return on capital for any project.

Lower Cost of Installation

The modular design of GFtS facilitates cost effective rapid site installation that reduces overall project time scales and
construction time as no
fabrication of the structure is required on site.

Permastore’s product quality is independently certified and meets or exceeds the requirements of International Enamelling Standards. All industrial grade coatings are subject to 100% inspection and electrical testing of the coating surface. Within Permastore’s factory-controlled quality environment any panel that is identified as having a discontinuity at the test voltage is rejected.

Permastore Quality Standards are verified by MPA NRW. ISOFUSION® and TRIFUSION® storage tanks are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 Certified, are approved by the UK Secretary of State under Regulation 31 for drinking water and listed by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) in its list of Approved Products.

Permastore has earned its reputation by its dedication to the highest standards for quality and its commitment to the supply of ZERO DISCONTINUITY (being defect free at the test voltage) glass fusion products.