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The Importance of Water and Sanitation in the Developing World

The water and sanitation issues in developing countries worldwide provide a challenge for service providers and communities.  Permastore and its Distributors are committed to being involved with projects that contribute to the improvement of water and wastewater infrastructure for residents and which benefit communities.

Permastore continues to work hard to help with addressing these issues and all over the world the impact a PERMASTORE® tank can have on the day to day lives of communities can be seen.

In Mexico, the Santiago Papasquiaro Municipal Government chose a PERMASTORE® drinking water tank as an ideal solution to solve the issues of the growing demand for drinking water following the increase in population that has occurred in recent years in this region.  The PERMASTORE® tank will provide an invaluable water source for the residents and businesses that is both constant and guaranteed. In the past, the 12,800 residents in the North West of Santiago Papasquaiaro have struggled with an intermittent and unreliable water supply for which the distribution has been mediated by local officials. The addition of a PERMASTORE® tank has solved these problems and will greatly benefit the lives of all those living locally.

In San Carlos, Costa Rica, a PERMASTORE® tank will provide support to the local area with the capability to supply 45,000 residents with essential water for a whole day if there are ever any interruptions to the main water supply. The tank will ensure a consistent supply of water to the residents in the event of damages to pipelines and during maintenance to the old supply infrastructure making it a valuable contribution to the local community.

And in Malaysia, Permastore was involved with supporting its local Distributor with supplying tanks for the rural water scheme which was implemented to ensure that every region of Malaysia was provided with potable water. Approximately 500 tanks were supplied under this significant initiative.

These are just a few examples of how Permastore is working with its local Distributors around the world to play their part in getting involved with tackling the global water crisis, improving infrastructure and helping to ensure that all the population have access to a safe water supply.

22 March 2017 saw the annual World Water Day awareness campaign.  This year’s focus is Wastewater. The vast majority of wastewater from domestic, industrial and agricultural properties flows back to nature untreated causing pollution, yet there is a range of ways in which this water can be reduced or reused. The most common methods include Wastewater Treatment, where wastewater is processed by the means of screening and settling tanks for reuse in potable, industrial and agricultural applications and Anaerobic Digestion, which creates Biogas for heat and electricity as a by-product, plus compost and re-usable water.

Coordinated by the United Nations and governments around the world, the campaign seeks to highlight global water issues and focus on key areas of sanitation and supply.  However this awareness carries on each and every day and Permastore’s Tanks can play an integral part in this – check out the Projects area of our website to see our tanks in action across the globe and if you are planning a water or wastewater project, contact us to discover the full extent of how Permastore can assist you with your project.