Permastore’s long term Distributor Partner, ARTEIN, has supplied a PERMASTORE® Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank as part of a project for Chemo, a pharmaceutical company based in Madrid.

The main objective of this project is to reduce the level of nitrogen in wastewater. The project consists of a PERMASTORE® Tank which has a capacity of 1260m3, and will increase the plant’s capacity and ability to provide biological treatment of wastewater.

ARTEIN has been a valued Permastore Distributor for many years and provide essential local expertise to the market in Spain and Portugal. Permastore sets the benchmark with their excellent worldwide reputation and unmatched product quality and durability in the global marketplace.

Permastore works through a global network of Distributors who are both knowledgeable in the local area and experienced in the world leading PERMASTORE® product. Contact your local Distributor or for more information about the PERMASTORE® product portfolio, contact